Stock Market Technical Analysis 8-9-19


  1. Only guy i know whos been spot on.only guy I know who called this sell off.only guy i know that knows what future markets hold, only guy……. list just goes on

  2. “New subscriber “. Great common sense approach with explained rationalities. I’m an option seller. Thanks

  3. great update randy. just concerning the last part, Im quite sure they gonna run it up even if it drops later. looking for around 2980 to swing short the emini.

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  5. Nice Piece Randy.!!. Please throw in one of these day trading videos when you can great educational video.

  6. Is there a possibility that we simply trade sideways here for a couple of weeks, letting the 20-day come in, and creating a big triangle wedge?

  7. I wish TOS offer the PPO indicator – the three yr PPO confirms your thoughts with SPY/QQQ Friday in a crossover down trend

  8. How can I recover from blowing up my account 90% to be exact, my first few days I was up 15% I just went live two weeks ago was doing good monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday I got shitted on after trumps tweet

  9. Hope you guys that were waiting to buy on a pullback, bought on Monday, because stocks are the train headed to new highs and it just left the station!

  10. That is some good day-trading! I get why Randy loves pullbacks and downtrends: the intraday action is hot! Thank you for sharing all this good stuff, Randy.

  11. you wasted 28 minutes of your life. saying the words "just short the market" would be much time-savvy

  12. I don't trade all day long so I 'appreciated' the drop but let it run and lost a little but that is the breaks.  According to my analysis, which is not thoroughly tested, I see a move to a close above or near where we ended yesterday.  After that it will seriously continue the new down leg.  I won't trade that closely but just try to get a good short position in anticipation or after confirmation of the new down leg.  Whether it will take all day to accomplish a minor top or do it and start down I can't say.  However, appreciate your work and sharing it gives me a lot more confidence that we see the 'future' of the market very similar including the potential pivot points —– at least since I started watching you —- short time ago.  It just a 'game' to me but it would be nice to be a 'winner'.

  13. Randy big fan you killed it with this video. Just curious do you follow football who's your team

  14. The harambi seems to be very reliable on the spy. Inside green after red always goes up. Inside red after green always down. That’s why I covered and why I’m back in. Maybe not a true harambi but close enough to count imo.

  15. You make them faster than I can watch them it’s amazing! thank you Randy have a great weekend!

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