Weekly Forex Review – 19th to the 23rd of August


  1. Very nice review, my question is this, if I trade in a daily time frame how do I going to escape news

  2. Good review. A good mentor is also very important in trading. A YouTube video once made reference to <benwardbruce13@ g mail . com> and reaching out to him is the best decision i have made as a trader. He introduced me to his strategy and i have been making a minimum of 14% profit weekly. It is the most consistent strategy i have come across

  3. I appreciate your good work. I have been watching you videos ever since I realize your trading strategy aligns with mine. But I have a question. How do you manage your trade once you notice an opportunity to enter the market? Do you lock in your profit or wait until TP is hit? Given USDCAD that tested resistance twice when we predicted a sell trade, how could one mange those kind of trade (in terms of moving SL) that test resistance or support multiple times before moving in predicted direction? Thanks for your time.

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