FOREX | How to Master Technical Analysis


  1. In Forex , There comes a point in trading where too much information HURTS.

    You must put what you know into practice, a plan, something concrete you can test, verify, and validate.

    If you're not getting the results you want, take a step back and work with what you have β€” NOT add more.

    Like to save other people some time!

    00:18 – Myfxbook Lesson
    05:48 – Technical Analysis Lesson
    09:40 – Timeframes
    11:46 – Testimonials

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  2. Guys can you please do us the example on phones sometimes so we can see clear some of us a using phones and we will like to see how exactly we should put support, Resistance and other things that you put on computer sometimes we are clueless course we don't have computers we use our phones.

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