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  1. 12:00 Your system has totally broken from the trend. According to your chart we should have never rallied last and this week. Thus you might as well trash that trend chart as all those who shorted in the 1st week of Oct have gotten their ass handed to them. Worse for those who bought a couple week out puts expecting a continued oct correction as your chart indicated would happen. Those put buyers lost their entire bet.

  2. What's your time horizon? If we're talking 5-10 years then I would consider alternative assets … maybe value investing aka not Visa, MasterCard, or anything remotely pro-growth that's ran up 1000%+ in a decade. Plenty of value out there that has decent yield.

  3. LOL this is permabull sheet. The yield curve is going to resteepen dramnatically (already started) which signals stocks are going to be -30% or worse in coming 12-18 months

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