RSI Forex Trading| BEST RSI STRATEGY made €3,374.46 (in 1H 20min)


  1. Hey sir ,why do you sell a course or mentorship when you are already given out lots of profitable strategy? I don't understand. I think you are a Golden child for giving away free profitable content, i'm profitable with the ema strategy that you posted here, but like does your mentorship, helps us to become as good of a trader as you or something?

  2. Hi Andrew
    Great Video Once More On How To Properly Use RSI Indicator. RSI Finds Highest & Lowest Peaks In Price Action, Same Way I Have Found Using Vertex Indicator For MT4, Works Pretty Much Same Way, But Better For The Eyes.
    🔺High Peak = Sell
    🔻Low Peak = Buy
    Thanks again Andrew Buddy. 👍🙂🎯🍀💰

  3. Show us please, when you place your trade and then récord after when you close it, and also please show us your losses, thank your for your videos, and the help, show us your stop loss and how long do you stay in the computer for, do you trade and go and do something else lr do you watch your trade? And how many lots is 2.5k?

  4. Your daily profit is omg 😮 so awesome…. if you have any telegram channel or whatsapp to personally contact you please let me know… i need your paid help. Hope u will reply

  5. Hi andrew you are doing a good job man,thank you so much
    Can you tell me were can i get your forex signals ? If you alredy share those signals ,i want to start with live account ,i hope you gonna help me …😉😎

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